Neighborhood Toy Store Month

In November Astra members celebrate an entire month of play advocacy by committing to participate in Astra’s Neighborhood Toy Store Month. This initiative is designed to provide great specials, in-store activities, and PR to drive traffic to our retail members and share the brilliant benefits of toys with the communities they serve.

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… because Registration is open for Neighborhood Toy Store Month!

Neighborhood Toy Store Month is a celebration of the vibrant toy stores that play a crucial role in shaping childhoods and fostering a sense of community. These local toy stores aren't just places where children and families shop; they are centers of creativity, imagination, and learning!

Register today & participate with retailers, manufacturers and sales reps across the country for this month-long event!

⭐ Showcase Your Creativity: Neighborhood Toy Store Month this November 2024 is the perfect stage to highlight your innovative toys that inspire imagination and wonder.

Create one main event or a series of activities during the month to attract and inspire your customers!

⭐ Forge Lasting Connections: Connect directly with passionate retailers, build relationships that can lead to long-term partnerships, and nourish the relationships and partnerships you’ve already built.

⭐ Boost Brand Awareness: Be in the spotlight, let your brand's personality shine, and gain exposure in a supportive and enthusiastic environment.

⭐ Promote your Business: Whether you’re a retailer, a sales rep, or a manufacturer, this initiative is designed to strengthen your play presence within your community.  Sign up with your membership group and take advantage of Astra’s NTSM resources!