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Retailers take great pride in what they choose to sell in their stores and spend huge amounts of time and energy to source, research, and stock the most unique and exciting products for customers. With the Exclusives program, ASTRA aims to offer a unique line of products that retailers will be proud to carry in their ASTRA member store.

Exclusives are chosen by ASTRA retailers from a large selection of product proposals from ASTRA manufacturers. This rigorous review process ensures that these products are high-quality toys that align with the values of creative play that consumers have come to expect when they walk into an ASTRA retail store.  


ASTRA Exclusives Benefits:

  • Only ASTRA retail members in North America can purchase these products for a minimum of 6 months. The exclusivity will be extended depending on the retail support through orders.
  • ASTRA Exclusives are chosen by ASTRA retailers who independently reviewed and scored each proposal on product design, marketability, and other important criteria in order to ensure the best possible fit for you ASTRA member store.
  • ASTRA Exclusives will continue with new categories, making sure that we always have quality items that can only be found through ASTRA retailers.

If you are interested in submitting an RFP or if you have any questions regarding ASTRA Exclusives, please contact Sue Warfield at (312) 955-9043 or


2017 ASTRA Exclusives

Think Fun
Think Fun

Arts & Crafts Exclusives Line

Choose Friendship Co.