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Best Toys for Kids Categories

Active Play

Toys, games and sports equipment that get kids physically moving, indoors and out.

Choose Your Own Category

Toys, novelties and collectibles that don’t fit or seem to defy these categories.

Classic Play

Tried and true playthings on the market for 5 or more years that have endured the test of time to become bestsellers and perennial toy favorites.

  1. Classic Play (0-7 Years)
  2. Classic Play (8+ Years)

Constructive Play

Build & play activities such as wood blocks, plastic bricks, jigsaw puzzles, pattern boards, etc.

  1. Constructive Play (0-7 Years)
  2. Constructive Play (8+ Years)

Creative Arts Play

Arts & craft kits and supplies, musical toys, instruments and media.

  1. Creative Arts Play (3-7 Years)
  2. Creative Arts Play (8+ Years)

Early Play (0-3 Years)

Playthings targeted to children 0-3 years

Game Play

Board and electronic games, brainteasers, and active-skill games for young kids, older children, and the whole family — broken into three age categories:

  1. Game Play (3-5 Years)
  2. Game Play (6+ Years)
  3. Game Play (8+ Years)

Learning Play

Toys that are primarily focused on education and/or learning

Pretend Play

  1. Doll Play — Dolls, stuffed animals and puppets that foster parenting, friendship and mentoring play.
  2. Role Play — Playthings that foster real-life role play, such as tool kits and tea sets, career kits and dress-up, dollhouses, people play sets, cars, trucks, trains and other vehicular toys.
  3. Fantasy Play — Playthings that foster imaginative play to make-believe worlds of yesteryear or far beyond, such as medieval, fairytale, and futuristic dress-up, puppets and play sets.

Scientific Play

Science kits and equipment that foster investigative play.