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Member Programs

As an ASTRA Member, you'll find lots of valuable member programs along with the tools to help you grow your business. These programs and services have been created for you, by people just like you. Utilize this Membership section of the website to keep up to date on exclusive access to programs tailored to fit your needs.

  • Best Toys for Kids
    As the only program of its kind, the Best Toys for Kids Award is intended to heighten consumer awareness of the value of creative, open-ended play and the role that independent, locally owned toy stores play in providing children quality playthings that promote happy, healthy, and productive childhoods.
  • Make Way for Play
    The Make Way for Play guide shines light on the cornerstones of child development. It explores how toys are perhaps the fastest and certainly the most fun way for a child to reach important milestones through physical, cognitive, communicative, social/emotional and sensory play experiences. So let the sun shine in on every child and help them grow to their fullest potential with the use of this guide to train staff, develop toys and help consumers learn about the importance of toys and play.
  • Neighborhood Toy Store Day
    ASTRA retailers all over the country kick off the holiday season by hosting Neighborhood Toy Store Day to celebrate their community, the shop local message, and the joy of play. The event delivers focused messaging to consumers on the value local businesses have in keeping communities unique and vital.
  • Regional Groups
    ASTRA recognizes the importance of being connected to a network of industry colleagues on a local level and the value of face-to-face gatherings. Meet in person with ASTRA members local to your area.  Become a member of an ASTRA Regional Group, an initiative of ASTRA to connect specialty toy industry professionals locally throughout the year to network, learn and share challenge and opportunities unique to your region.