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Vision and Mission

What we did and why

ASTRA's strategic planning process is designed to prepare the organization and the independent toy retailing industry to respond to a rapidly changing retailing environment. The plan will ensure ASTRA's ongoing value to independent toy retailers, manufacturers and sales reps as they work to build business while advocating for the importance of play and its positive influence on child development.


Vision and Mission

ASTRA's vision and mission provide the basis for association direction and decision making in service to the members and the industry.

The vision statement is ASTRA's desired state for the long-term future and is a fundamental guiding principle for ASTRA's strategic direction

  • Vision: To change the world through the power of play

The mission statement states ASTRA's fundamental purpose and forms the foundation for our strategic plan.

  • Mission: ASTRA develops and supports a membership of independent toy retailers, manufacturers, and sales representatives to advance industry growth


2017 - 2019 Strategic Plan

The four "pillars" of the strategic plan are the four complementary, mutually supporting areas in which we are investing ASTRA resources for advancement of the membership and the organization.

Marketplace Excellence

To reinforce Marketplace & Academy as the premier event for the independent toy retailing industry, ASTRA will:

  • Optimize the attendee experience
  • Expand technology adoption.


Market Expansion

To expand the reach of ASTRA to include other markets that recognize and value the importance of toys and play, ASTRA will:

  • Develop new strategic partnerships
  • Expand the ASTRA community
  • Develop philanthropic alliances.


Industry Viability

To ensure the long-term viability of the industry, ASTRA will:

  • Cultivate industry interest and talent
  • Support healthy industry transitions and evolutions


Member Value

To ensure ongoing value to our members, ASTRA will:

  • Expand educational programming
  • Enhance educational programs