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The ASTRA Foundation exists to increase awareness of the importance of play and its impact across the lifespan from early childhood through adulthood by way of research, education and philanthropic activities.

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ASTRA's online store allows members to purchase branded merchandise. The proceeds from purchases in the online store will go directly to supporting the ASTRA Foundation.

Marketplace & Academy Foundation Report

ASTRA’s annual trade show provides an opportunity for attendees and exhibitors of Marketplace & Academy to come together and give back in the communities we visit each year. At Marketplace & Academy 2018, held in New Orleans, ASTRA launched corporate social responsibility projects as part of the trade show and conference experience. At Marketplace & Academy 2019 located in Pittsburgh, we were able to invest in the city through volunteerism while supporting the economy with the presence of our annual trade show and donate time, money and supplies totaling over $65,000 to the city. 

As an organization focused on investing locally, we have a responsibility to help those in need and contribute to the common good in each city we visit. We made an impact on both the community and each other at ASTRA’s Marketplace & Academy 2019.

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ASTRA Holidash Challenge!

The ASTRA Holidash Challenge kicked off on Neighborhood Toy Store Day, Saturday, November 9 and ended on Tuesday, December 31 at 11:59 p.m. CT. Participants tracked over 4.5 Million steps while supporting the mission of the ASTRA Foundation. Three winners were selected from a lottery:

500K+ Steps Winner: Sari Wiaz, Baby Paper

250K+ Steps Winner: Beth Schmiedel, Hobby Express Inc

10K+ Steps Winner: Scott Friedland, Timeless Toys



Merchant Giving Project

ASTRA is partnering with the Merchant Giving Project to provide ASTRA retailers with an opportunity to gain a merchant services consultant while giving back to a charity. The Merchant Giving Project provides merchant services administration with a unique twist. They give retailers the opportunity to donate to the charity of their choice and the donation comes directly from the Merchant Giving Project.

As an ASTRA partner, the Merchant Giving Project will be making a donation to the ASTRA Foundation for each ASTRA member that becomes a client of the Merchant Giving Project. 


The Roachy Fund Scholarship

The Roachy Fund Scholarship was established to honor Alan Roach, a loved and respected leader in the toy and game industry. Alan's two passions in life, to "make art and play games", serves as the basis for the scholarship program.

The Roachy Fund Scholarship will support college students pursuing a career in art and/or game development. Scholarship applications will be available in February 2020, with the first scholarships being awarded in May of 2020. 


Alan Roach Bio:

Alan’s love for art and playing games started at a young age as he collected comic books and drew cartoons for a local newspaper. During his college years, he attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Design. In 1992, Alan began what would be a 23-year career with Hasbro Games, where he found his true passion for both designing and playing games. In 2015 he took his many years of industry expertise with him and joined a long time friend and mentor at Grand Prix International, a manufacturer and developer of tabletop games.

Alan’s creativity and love for games brought so much joy to the world. He was filled with eternal enthusiasm for gaming, laughing and life itself. Even in sickness, Alan never lost his sense of humor and desire to make every day as fun as possible. In the final months of his life, Alan shared that all he really wanted to do was to “make art and play games.” The Roachy Fund Scholarship was established to help others who share his passions and to honor his legacy.