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Maybe, just maybe, you might make your store profitable without a plan when the economy is booming.  But now?

Tough times call for best practices.  Veteran ASTRA store owners and industry experts who know what it takes to make a healthy profit have put all their best practices in one place, and you can get them for less than the cost of an ad or two in your local newspaper.

The time for a retail jumpstart is now.  Get a plan—the  Retail Business Plan for Toy Stores that you’ll find in ASTRA’s new book called Play for Profit.  Full of advice that can save and make you thousands, templates for financial reports, and more—it’s all there at your fingertips to help you operate your store more profitably.

Jumpstart yourself right now—to the phone or click the link below—to order your copy.  And start planning for more profit in your store. 

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